The Anatomy of Elementor Page Builder

The best way to learn Elementor is to create a new page and inspect the various parts of the page builder interface. To do this navigate to Pages in the sidebar and click on Add New. Click on the blue “Edit in Elementor” button to launch the page builder. Once the page builder has loaded […]

How to add a new post

To add a new post hover over Posts in the lefthand sidebar and select the Add New link that appears in the submenu. Alternatively, you can click on Posts to view a full list of existing posts. At the very top of the Posts page is an Add New button.  Add a title to your […]

How to edit a page in Elementor

To edit an existing page, navigate to Pages in the left hand sidebar. From the list of pages, hover over the page you would like to edit and click on the “Edit with Elementor” link. To help you navigate the page and begin editing content let’s take a quick look at how the page is […]

How to edit an image block

To edit an image click on the image block itself. In the left hand column options for editing the image will display. To choose a different image, click on the Choose Image field. From the Insert Media window that appears there are some options. You can use the Upload files tab to upload an image […]

How to edit a text block

Scroll to the text block you would like to edit and click into the block. Notice that when you select the content block, options for that particular block display in the left hand sidebar. You will also notice that the label in the sidebar header changes to the block that you are editing. For this […]