How to edit a text block

Scroll to the text block you would like to edit and click into the block. Notice that when you select the content block, options for that particular block display in the left hand sidebar. You will also notice that the label in the sidebar header changes to the block that you are editing. For this example, we have selected a Text Editor block.

With the text block selected make edits in the left hand sidebar or type directly on the page. Additional style changes can be made by clicking the Style tab in the sidebar. Within the style options you can adjust the alignment, color, and typography settings. To change typography settings, simply click the pencil/Edit icon in line with the Typography label.

Once the necessary changes have been made, be sure to save the page by clicking the green Update button – or if you’d like to save the changes but not publish them – select the arrow and click Save Draft. Next we’ll edit the image.