How to add a new post

To add a new post hover over Posts in the lefthand sidebar and select the Add New link that appears in the submenu. Alternatively, you can click on Posts to view a full list of existing posts. At the very top of the Posts page is an Add New button. 

Add a title to your post by typing into the first field on the page that says “Add title”. Once a title has been entered, notice that a permalink will be generated for the new post. If you need to edit the URL for any reason, simply click the small Edit button to the right of the permalink. 

Next, enter the content for the post in the large text editor found below the title field and permalink. Within this field you can include text and media, such as images or video. You can use the toolbar at the top of the field to stylize text, include bulleted or numbered lists, assign a heading tags and more. You can hover over any of the icons in the toolbar to learn what each does. 

To add an image to a post move your cursor within the text editor to where you’d like the image placed. Next, click on the Add Media button just above the toolbar. From the popup window you have an option to upload a new image or choose an existing image from the Media Library.

To upload an image select the Upload files tab at the top of the window and click on the Select Files button at the center. Find the image you want to upload on your machine and select. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the image file into the popup window.

To choose an image from the Media Library, select the Media Library tab at the top of the window. Find the image you want to use and click it. Once the image is selected click on the blue button that says “Insert into post” in the bottom right. 

Other media options can be found in the lefthand side of the Add Media popup window. These options will allow you to create an image gallery with multiple selected images or a video playlist for example.

Next, let’s look at the right side of the Add New Post page. Here you will see general information about the post like publish status and date. Within the publish window you also have options to Save Draft, if you are working on a post and need to step away. Saving as a draft can be helpful for when the post is not ready to publish or go live. 

Also in the Publish window you will see a Preview button. Click this button to view the actual post page before publishing. This is helpful to make sure text is formatted correctly, images are showing up, and the post is looking as you intended.

In the right side you will also see options for adding categories, tags, and a featured image to your post. To add a category to your post simply check the box next to the category you would like to include. To add tags to the post type helpful keywords into the field, separating each tag by a comma.

To add a featured image for your post click on the “Set featured image” link found in the Featured Image block. Similar to adding media in the post content, a popup will appear with some options. Either upload a new image or choose an existing image from the Media Library that you would like to use.

Finally, when the post is ready, click on the blue Publish button in the upper right of the Add New Post page. Once you click publish the post will be viewable on your site. 

If you need to hide the post for some reason you can edit the post status back to Draft. Or if you need to delete the post click on the red Move to Trash link to the left of the Publish button.